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Infrastructure Delivery Strategy

The Infrastructure Delivery Strategy assesses the transport, utilities, social and green infrastructure that will be required to support housing and employment growth in Sedgemoor.

The preparation of an Infrastructure Delivery Strategy also has an important role to play in ensuring that the wider vision for Sedgemoor becomes reality. The upgrading of existing facilities and provision of new infrastructure provides a means for promoting inward investment and economic development, improving quality of life for residential communities, and a means for adapting to and mitigating the localised effects of climate change.

The Infrastructure Delivery Strategy needs to be a live document that is regularly reviewed. The different reports that have been undertaken are detailed below.

The full reports can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Infrastructure Delivery Strategy 2017 - Submission Version

The new Local Plan will plan for new growth up to 2032, with the aim of boosting housing supply and the economy to ensure that everyone has a decent place to live and work locally. This Infrastructure Delivery Strategy (IDS) provides an assessment of the flood risk management; transport and public realm; education; green infrastructure, outdoor sport and recreation; and wider infrastructure needs (including water and wastewater, healthcare, community and cultural, energy, ICT and waste) that will be required to support the planned development and growth in the new Local Plan.

A consultation version of the IDS was issued to each of the organisations responsible for the provision of infrastructure as a supporting document for the Regulation 19 consultation on the Local Plan. The report has been updated to take account of consultation responses and any additional information provided. This final version of the IDS will act as an evidence base document to support the Local Plan when it is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for examination.

Icon for pdf Infrastructure Delivery Strategy 2017 – Final Report [1.43MB]

Infrastructure Delivery Strategy - 2015 Update

Since 2012, there have been significant changes and progress across the district in terms of infrastructure delivery, re-prioritisation of schemes, and greater understanding of the impacts and development associated with the new nuclear build at Hinkley Point C.

As a result of these changes, Sedgemoor District Council (SDC) appointed Arup in December 2014 to review and update the 2010 Infrastructure Delivery Plan and 2012 IDS Refresh in order to inform the finalisation of the Regulation 123 List.

Infrastructure Delivery Strategy - 2011 Refresh

Infrastructure requirements continuously change as new developments are approved or facilities provided. The Council therefore completed a Strategy Refresh in 2012. Infrastructure provision and requirements are also monitored on a continuous basis and reported through the Council's Annual Monitoring Report.

Icon for pdf Infrastructure Delivery Plan Refresh 2011 [1.98MB]

pdf Infrastructure Delivery Strategy 2010 [8.7MB] arrowAuthority Monitoring Report (AMR)