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Core Strategy Policy P4 Guidance Note

This guidance note provides additional information on the process of developing Local Priority Housing Sites at Key Rural Settlements as allowed by Core Strategy Policy P4.

The main document provides detailed guidance for Town and Parish Councils, landowners, developers and communities to help each party understand more clearly their respective roles in successfully delivering such sites.

This process is further visualised in the flow chart at Appendix 1. Separately, Appendix 4 provides a Sites Assessment Matrix to aid the process of Local Sites Assessment. 

pdf P4 Guidance Note - Core Strategy Policy [484.61KB] pdf Appendix 1 Flow Chart [195.82KB] pdf Appendix 2: Interpreting the text of 'Local Priority Housing Sites' within Policy P4 [226.78KB] pdf Appendix 3: Site Submission Form [296.76KB] pdf Appendix 4: Site Assessment Matrix [162.13KB] pdf Notes and Links [143.4KB]