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Travel Planning Supplementary Planning Document and Somerset Parking Strategy

The Supplementary Planning Document (SPD): Travel Planning in Sedgemoor was adopted by Full Council on 19th December 2012. It is based on guidance prepared by Somerset County Council which was offered to Local Planning Authorities as the basis of an SPD to be adopted as part of each Authority's Local Development Framework or Local Plan.

The document sets out to ensure that proposed developments contribute to the take-up of more sustainable modes of travel by requiring travel plans on larger developments to be approved prior to planning permission being granted, and ensuring that these are delivered and monitored effectively.

In order to achieve this, standards are set out which give clear direction to developers and describe :

  • When a travel plan is required
  • An outline of the expected content and when different types of travel plan are required
  • The process of gaining travel plan approval
  • Arrangements for the monitoring and ongoing auditing of travel plans
  • Procedures for the effective operation and enforcement of travel plans
  • The respective responsibilities of all the parties involved in developing, implementing and monitoring travel plans.

The document aims to ensure consistency in process and in standards across Somerset.

The SPD is available to download below together with a non-technical summary and other associated documents.

For more help and advice with travel planning for new developments, please see the Somerset County Council website at  Travel Plans

Somerset Parking Strategy

The Travel Planning SPD and the Core Strategy both reference the Parking Strategy developed by Somerset County Council, and new development is expected to comply with the standards for parking that are set out within it. This document can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

pdf Travel Planning in Sedgemoor SPD [906.29KB] pdf Travel Planning SPD Non-technical Summary [320.35KB] pdf Travel Plan Fees [233.39KB] pdf Travel Planning SPD Schedule of Responses [582.81KB] pdf Travel Planning SPD Consultation Statement [657.88KB] pdf Somerset Parking Strategy [5.51MB]