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Puriton Energy Park Supplementary Planning Document

Sedgemoor District Council has prepared this Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to examine the potential of the brownfield site of the former Royal Ordnance Factory (ROF) located at Puriton to the north of Bridgwater in Somerset. It was adopted by Sedgemoor's Full Council on 28th March 2012.

The adopted version of the SPD that the Council approved can be downloaded below.

Icon for pdf Puriton Energy Park SPD March 2012 [2.98MB]

This document elaborates on policies in Sedgemoor District Council's Local Development Framework Core Strategy and is closely aligned to current and emerging corporate policy, including:

  • Sedgemoor District Council Sustainable Community Strategy;
  • Sedgemoor District Council Corporate Strategy;
  • Sedgemoor District Council Economic Masterplan;
  • The Bridgwater Vision

The SPD seeks to define, through development principles, the role, function and character of the proposed Energy Park with the objective to achieve sustainable high quality development. The SPD considers a range of matters including development layout and masterplanning; development densities and gross floor space; building heights and massing; quality of design and materials; uses and activities; traffic and access arrangements, including for public transport, pedestrian and cycle access, and parking; phasing, the pattern of expansion and key infrastructure requirements; the approach to planning control at the site, particularly with regard to permissible uses, and quality of design; the requirements of planning applications for development, including the scope of the Environmental Impact; development constraints and the balance of 'critical mass' to achieve viable development; the potential for creating attractive working environments and drawing on CABE guidance 'Better Places to Work'; telecommunications; visibility and profile.

Alongside the adopted SPD the following have been published and can be viewed below, under 'Related Documents':

  • The Adoption Statement
  • The Consultation Statement
  • The Sustainability Appraisal Report; and
  • Schedule of Responses
pdf Puriton Energy Park Adoption Statement [82.38KB] pdf Puriton Energy Park SPD Consultation Report Final - March 2012 [2.53MB] pdf Final Sustainability Appraisal Report for the Puriton Energy Park SPD [588.9KB] pdf Schedule of Responses for Puriton Energy Park [1.42MB] pdf Puriton Energy Park SPD Stage 2 Consultation Report [2.42MB] pdf Interim Sustainability Appraisal Report for Puriton Energy Park SPD [490.88KB] pdf Puriton Energy Park Masterplan [540.09KB] pdf Puriton Energy Park SPD Consultation Draft [7.46MB]